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Steve Kellmeyer

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Steve Kellmeyer is one of our frequent and favorite guests on our Catholic program 'Radio Xavier Live' which airs across Dallas/Ft. Worth. What we like best about Steve is the combination he possesses of a great enthusiasm for the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church coupled with a broad knowledge and ability to speak on a broad range of topics, ranging from human sexuality to Catholic education, the Davinci Code to Indulgences. We highly recommend him!  
- Dave Palmer,
General Manager, Guadalupe Radio Network

Dear Steve,
Reading the first chapter of your book - actually rereading it – I wonder if you are not yourself of a supernatural nature. How is it possible that you so clearly explain the most profound mystery of our religion? I will not say that now I understand everything about the Holy Trinity but somehow it does not seem so hard to accept anymore. Thank you for sending the book, I am plunged in it with a color pen as I need to read some (most) passages several times. Thank you for writing it. I feel it will become the rock on which I will root all my doubts and uncertainties. I hope you understand what I mean… Thank you again for your talk and please do not forget the Ukraine. They need people like you.
Warm regards,
Elizabeth de Sejournet,
President, Foundation 'Family, Hope for Tomorrow'

On behalf of our parish here in Asheboro, NC, I would like to express my appreciation for the two presentations you offered here for our Lenten series on "Explaining the Faith With Love" and "Catholic and Protestant Differences." In the 13 years I have been pastor here, this was the best attended set of presentations that we have hosted, as well as the most enthusiastically received. Everybody was impressed with your knowledge of your topics, ability to think and answer quickly on your feet and ability to make the presentation lively and engaging. A week later and the folks who attended are still talking about it. And from the materials purchased, you'll continue to make an impact here for a long time to come.
- Fr. Joe Mack,
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Asheboro, NC

Steve, I wanted to tell you that the comments I received yesterday after your talk on indulgences were overwhelmingly and very strongly positive. A common reaction was that you really opened our eyes to something truly wonderful. I hope the book sales were a success. Let's keep in touch. Thanks very much.
- Peter D'Apice,
St. Thomas More Society, Dallas

Steve Kellmeyer has a masterful grasp of theology and an in-depth knowledge of Church history. His presentation at the Austin Catholic Home Educators' Conference in February was both entertaining and informative to the audience. It was chock full of history, humor and a distinctively Catholic message. The unique talks offered by Mr. Kellmeyer expose the little-known, yet ultimately important, facets of the Catholic Faith and are filled with informative facts that had the audience scribbling notes in the margins of their conference programs.
- Becki N.,
Austin Catholic Homeschool Conference

"Thanks again for taking the time to talk to Peter Boyles. I must tell you that in the years I have worked with Peter, I have never seen a listener reaction quite like the one we have gotten from your radio interview. It has been HUGE! I have answered more calls than I can count about you, your book and your website. You really made an impact on Peter's audience. Much appreciated!"
- Kris Berard,
The Peter Boyles' Show

I've asked Steve Kellmeyer to join me on the air many times because he has a gift for concise explanation on profound topics. Whether its John Paul II's theology of the body, the crisis of Catholic education, the Da Vinci Code, or indulgences, Steve quickly but carefully conveys the mind of the Church to my listeners. His presentations proceed logically step by step while remaining conversational and rich with colorful illustrations. I've no doubt he'll enhance your program and edify your audience.   
- Al Kresta,
President and CEO, Ave Maria Radio

Dear Reader, I don't know who you are, what you believe, or what you love, but if you are like all the students who have read Sex and the Sacred City for my courses, I guarantee you one thing: you will find it arresting, personally challenging, and quite possibly life-changing. This is "the big picture" of the meaning of human sexuality - in fact, the biggest and most beautiful picture you have ever seen.
- Dr. Peter Kreeft,
Professor of Philosophy, Boston College

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude, on behalf of the Catholic Radio Association and all participating stations. We were honored and blessed to have you as an interview guest.
- Steve Gajdosik,
President, Catholic Radio Association

I am very impressed with your wide range of knowledge of the faith and your ability to express the truth so concisely yet with so much depth. You are providing a great service to the Church. We are grateful to you for helping make our conference a success.
- Catherine Mianecki,
Michigan Homeschool Conference

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