Steve Kellmeyer

Catholic Author and Speaker

Steve Kellmeyer

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Ideas for Talks

Every talk is 45 minutes in length with a minimum of 10-15 minutes Q&A. The examples given below are meant to help you think about possibilities for your audience. They are not exhaustive.

Catechetical Techniques

Effectively Teaching the Faith
Using Superb Art to Teach the Faith
Successful Catechesis in RCIA


Introduction to Prayer
Creation and Fall
Temptation and Sin
Story of Salvation History
Divine Revelation
Sacred Tradition
Sacred Scripture
The Four Senses of Scripture
Salvation and Justification
Mary and the Saints
The Church
The Liturgy
Grace and the Sacramental Economy
The Sacraments
The Natural Law
The Four Last Things
Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love
Paul and the Law
Social Justice
Baptism and Confirmation
Anointing of the Sick and Redemptive Suffering
Priesthood of the Faithful
Holy Orders
The Mass
The Eucharist
Sacramental Living


Catholic-Protestant Differences
Catholic Perspectives on Islam
Harmonizing Science and Religion
Islam and the Protestant Reformation
I Was A Pro-Life Atheist
The Inquisition
The Crime of Galileo
IVF, Cloning and ESC research

Talk Series (4-6 talks)

Church History: the Ascension to Today
The Theology of the Body
Any combination of the above talks

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