Steve Kellmeyer

Catholic Author and Speaker

Steve Kellmeyer


Artfully Teaching the Faith - Practical discussion on using art to teach the Faith.

Bible Basics - one of the most comprehensive apologetics texts on the market.

Debunking Angels and Demons - Practical discussion of the errors in Dan Brown's book.

Debunking Obama's First 100 Days - Practical discussion of Obama's First 100 Days as President.

Effective Habits of the Five People You Meet in Heaven - Discussion of the Scriptural typology in Mitch Albom's book.

Sex and the Sacred City - Widely acclaimed synopsis of the Theology of the Body.

The Flesh of God - Scripture study of the infancy narratives.

The Middle Earth Riddle Book - Riddles drawn from medieval and Renaissance literature.

The Sensible Scripture Study - Eight-session course designed to teach the four senses of Scripture.

Fact and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code - Practical discussion of the errors in Dan Brown's book.

Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America - A history of Catholic education from the Ascension to the present, with emphasis on the American experience.

Teaching Calendars

Calendar of Indulgences - Wall and desk calendars designed to instruct Catholics on how to do indulgences, highlighting the two dozen days during the year that are blessed with special plenary indulgences.

Timeline: A Calendar of Church History - 2010 years of Church history are divided over the 52 weeks of the year, providing a painless introduction to major events in Catholic history.

The Mind of God: Calendar of Science and Faith - Each week quotes from world-class scientists affirm that faith and reason are each necessary for the other.

Magazine Articles

Social Justice Review:
Medical Cannibalism

Little Lost Lambeth
Gnostics in the Matrix (cover article)

Homiletics & Pastoral Review:
Contraception Distorts Eucharist

National Catholic Register:
Sex and the Mandatum

This Rock:
Canon of Scripture
Senses of Scripture (cover article)

The Catholic Answer:
Mass at the Manger
The Never-Ending Story
Ordaining Women

Lay Witness:
Family: Sanctuary of Life
Apostolic Succession
Designer Genes
Tough Questions in Scripture

Newspaper Articles

Omaha World Herald:
The Holocaust

Pekin Daily Times:
Taxpayer Sponsored Rape

Movie Reviews:

Gnostics in the Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded

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